Monday, January 18, 2010

Riding Solo

Alone time is a simple concept but it is very hard to initiate. We have a craving for human connection at all times but I have found that when I am immersed in other people, I am rarely immersed in myself. Being alone sometimes does not mean you are lame or antisocial, it is a necessary component of growth spiritually emotionally or mentally. So let's delve into the benefits of rolling solo every now and then:
1) Good for Self-Realization:
Many of the big epiphanies I have concluded I have come to when I was alone. People drown out your inner voice, not on purpose, but you really can't listen to two things at once. That is why the people who spend the majority of their lives alone are usually wiser than your people pleasers and lives of the party (no they are not the same but that's another blog). If people were the road to self-actualization, then the stars of the world, admired by all, surrounded by everyone would be the most sound and enlightened people in the world. As we all know, it usually doesn't pan out like that. Instead people have know for years via meditation, time outs for children, etc. that if you get a minute alone, you usually work out your own problems. So do yourself a favor and allow that time alone naturally. You do not have to be stagnant; in your time alone you can write poetry, music, letters. You can admire nature while you think. Let your mind wander naturally to things you don't allow yourself to think about during a normal day. Don't depress yourself but the more you work your intelligence, the more control you will have over the way it functions and the emotions it brings. Your mind like every other part of your body must be exercised;most of the time, people are not a good mental workout.
2) Gives You Time to See Your World:
Some of us live a "can't see the forest for the trees" lifestyle. The individuals around us block our view of our life. Have you ever not hung around someone for a few days and start to realize "I don't even like hanging around them. Why do I do it?" That is because that individual is in your face so much that you are not allowed time with your thoughts. Trust me, a few days alone will allow you to see where the cracks in the foundation of your life exist. You will start to realize who is toxic and who you cannot live without. You will start to realize things you would like to change and make better whether it be career, education, or lifestyle wise. In the last few weeks, I have stepped AWAY from my life and my purpose has been fulfilled. I now have no doubts on WHAT I should be doing right now with my life as a whole and WHO was stunting my growth to that destination.
3) No Drama!:
Hand in Hand with Number 3: If you find yourself prone to a drama filled life, being by yourself is just plain relaxing. It gives you the time and mental functioning to not make the drama worse and how to alleviate the problems in your life. You may find that you like your new found serenity more than the hustle and bustle of the everyday and make changes toward making your peace permanent.
4) Increases Productivity:
There is nothing more productive than being by yourself! We all know this. When we shut off our phones, turn on our mind and get working, we are always shocked how much we get accomplished. I know I am. The other day I wrote a paper in record time and I was like "Wow, why don't I just do this all the time?" People are an awesome distraction but a distraction nonetheless. Believe me, you will be mad at yourself and those people years down the line when you find yourself not where you want to be. And the crazy part about it is that THEY are probably getting closer to their goals everyday. So do us all a favor and live up to your maximum productive potential.

"I restore myself when I'm alone." -Marilyn Monroe. Being alone is like the water to your system. People don't drink water like they should and people don't spend enough time alone like they should. That is saying that everything you drink must be water just like people have their places in your life too. But when you take those moments to be alone, you grow into a more self aware, more productive, wiser person. Who doesn't want that? Hope this helps.


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