Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why are YOU single?

Why am I alone? So many people are getting to that age when their friends are getting married or are in serious committed relationships. You look up and realize that it has been just you for a while now. But you just can't put your finger on what it is that gets you out of there every date. What's stopping you from finding that perfect match? Well, here are some of the key factors in why people end up alone on Saturday nights. This isn't all of them but its a start to the guide to get you in that relationship you want.

1) You are emotionally unavailable:

This could either be on purpose or completely unintentional. When people are busy, their emotions are invested somewhere else, whether that someone else be their job, their friends, or themselves. People can sense when you will not be able to give them your all and few will stick around once that is recognized. Now if this is on purpose and you are intentionally unavailable and know the consequences of it, it is not a bad thing. Sometimes its necessary to invest in yourself. But many people have taken their head out of the relationship game and don't even realize it. Emotionally unavailable people still sometimes make it into relationships, which has always been odd to me. They tend to be unattentive and borderline mean. Some forget things then take it out on their partners. Others are just relationship lazy. They expect their partner to do everything while they focus on themselves. It is not because they are bad people, it is because emotionally they are just not there. They treat their partner more as an accessory to their busy life than a partner.

The only solution to emotional shut in syndrome is simply effort and time. You are probably distant because your focus is somewhere else. But now that you know you are unavailable you can make a conscious decision to pay more attention to your dating life and the people in it. The time factor comes in because sometimes it is simply not the right time. Your heart wants something that your mind and body can't cash. So if your career is in its flux or your family needs you or you are more comfortable spending time by yourself, sometimes your best option is to wait until your life clears up and you can give a budding relationship the attention it deserves. Don't try to fit a relationship in your life when you aren't stable or present. It never works.

2)You don't believe in relationships:

So many people suffer from this one. They are in relationships but they talk to me and say: " I don't know if I believe in relationships. They don't work." My response is also a heart felt: " Why the hell are you in one??" Seriously people, you get what you believe. Its like the little girl whose mom packed her a cookie and she just knew the cookie was going to be stale. So she didn't eat it and put it in her desk. Four weeks later she took the cookie out her desk and ate it. "See," she said, " I told you it was stale." Point being your insecurities and disbelief may be the thing messing up the relationship. If you don't believe in something, you don't ACT like you believe in it. You may be doing things like being sarcastic, rude, jealous, and manipulative in response to something that isn't even going on. Have a little faith or be single. Relationships are hard enough without one person sabotaging it.

3) You don't have people skills:

Some of the best people in the world are single due to this reason. Talking to people is an art form, whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendly relationship, or a business one. Have you ever met someone that just "came off" a certain way? Well, that may be you. For example, a lot of people say I can come off very serious. I'm actually one of the silliest people in the world. Since hearing that, I focus on smiling more when I come into a room and using hand gestures and light convo to put people at ease around me. People who lack social skills are usually the ones left asking their entire lives: "Whats wrong with me? I have all these qualities but I can never find anybody" Its not you. Its your skills. The best way to combat this is to be more confident, which is usually thwarted by years of basic solidarity. Start off small. Talk to the clerk as you are checking out your bags at the store. Smile at the pretty girl or the handsome man at your job. Do all actions with a sense of demand and confidence. Its like weight loss.. As each behavior is rewarded, you'll want to do it more and more.

4) You are trying too hard:

Men and women are sometimes guilty of this. You call too much. You flirt too much. You make a love connection out of every date you go on. No one likes desperate and its oozing out of your pores. Newsflash: we all would like to find love. But it doesn't have to be every breath you take. Men and women like a good chase. We want someone who shows us interest but isn't too overpowering. Let your date return the favor. It does not necessarily have to be a game and there are no rules to it. But by pulling back a little, it allows them to either step forward (which gives you confidence) or step back (which lets you know they are not the one). Either way win-win :) My advice with dealing with your antsy behaviors is simple: find something else to do. I know alot of people are not going to agree with this but in the example of this personality its for the best. DATE MULTIPLE PEOPLE. Caution: Not saying string people along and be in five relationships. But in the prepubescent stages of new dating experiences, it is OK to have more than one prospect. This allows you to spread out your LOADS of attention so everybody gets just the right amount. When you are giving Bobby space, you can be talking to Jason. But don't let things get out of hand. Once you've sealed the deal with Bobby, Jason has to go. But that should not be a problem...because you kept it real with everyone right? ;)

5) Your standards are out of whack

Notice I did not say the age old "your standards are too high" because I don't believe that. Standards should always be high. You should always believe you can go to Harvard and be a millionaire. But you should also take a look at other opportunities that come your way. That's how you approach dating. Simple things like height, race, occupation in a mate are things you don't know if you will like until you try. But never change your moral and character standards. Those should always be in place. Standard being out of whack can mean your standards are unrealistic but it can also mean your standards are misplaced.Just because you could be sometimes in the future doesn't mean you can get it at this point in your life. Some standards may be a little misplaced. For example, he has to make 100000 because I'm in school and when I get out, that's what I will be making. Well give him a chance as well. You are not making that yet. Sometimes you have to wait to get the best. So if you're aiming for the stars you have to make the journey up to them. Make sure your standards are fair. You'd want them to be for you.

6) You are finicky:

Ashley, aren't finicky and high standards the same? NO Finicky by dictionary standards is "insisting capriciously (with random mood changes) on getting just what one wants; difficult to please." In other words, you don't know what you want until something walks in front of you and that's suddenly better than what you had. NO ONE LIKES FINICKY PEOPLE. Its irritating because its unpredictable. He or she could be your moon and stars one day and lower than the ground the next. The only cure for finicky behavior is insight. Everything that glitters isn't gold was written for the finicky individual. At the end of the day, you are going to have to pick someone and stick with them...or be single. Those are the only choices.

At the end of the day being single is a natural healthy process that I encourage all adults to try at some point to figure out what they want. But if you are in this state constantly and are wanting a change, these may be some of your downfalls. You can and will have a fulfilling relationship but acknowledgement is key to change. So put your best foot forward and go get em.

Hope This Helps,