Sunday, March 6, 2011

How To Tell The Good Men From The Bad Men....

Good men don't always ride white horses and bad men don't always ride harleys. In fact good men can be bad men and bad men can be good men. People treat different people differently. One woman's good man could be another woman's torture. So how do you spot a man that is bad for you versus a man that will do you right?
Here are a few tips....

1)He doesn't respect anyone:
He doesn't respect authority. He doesn't respect his elders. He doesn't respect people that help him. He is in a constant battle with....everyone. Chances are he's been locked up or thrown out of some establishment in his lifetime. The people that should be close to him, family, friends, etc usually aren't. At first you may think that this man is strong, masculine, independent, and courageous but honestly, he's just a rebel without a cause. You have to respect someone in life. If he cannot find anyone he listened to before you, he will not listen to you either. Alot of women fall victim to wanting to be a man's everything. That he will magically be mean to everyone around him but you. In all actually, he probably has not gotten around to disrespecting you yet... but its coming. Behind all the bravado is usually a scared and hurt individual lashing out irrationally. So, if your man hates authority, is constantly disrespecting everyone around him, and always bucking the system even to his detriment, you can put him in the BAD category and get away while your dignity is still in tact.

2) He never has anything to say to you
Some men are not the best communicators. Some men have problems displaying their emotions. But even if its not always serious convo, they should want to talk to you. Even when you do get him to hang out with you (which I'm sure is rare as well), you sit in an awkward silence. A man that has nothing to talk about with you probably is either not interested or emotionally inept. Either one leads to some bad relationships. A man that doesn't find you interesting will never wake up one day and start cherishing you. Communication is key. This is not to say he can't communicate with anyone but if he doesn't communicate with you, we have to ship his no talking ass to the BAD category.

3)He comes highly not recommended
Everybody is not lying. If he has left a trail of women in his wake, chances are he's a bad boy. Newsflash: you will not be the one to change him. Get over the Madam Safe a Life complex we women sometimes get. Even if you do somehow "reform" his ways, you usually end up miserable and wanting out of the relationship. So let players play and find a man who is in a mental and physical position in his life to treat you well.

4) He's All Propaganda
These guys are fun. They talk a great game but when it comes down to it, you never see the proof in their pudding. The Classic "I swear Ill make it up to you" guy, the dreamer "One day we will..." guy, and the infamous "If you have just given me time.." guy. No matter how much time, energy, and care is spent, they never seem to come through. Honestly, most things that look too good to be true are. The man of your dreams may snore...or watch too many sports...or make inappropriate jokes. Basically, even your dream man will be a real man. These men sell themselves as dreams because their real personalities are far from what you would want. So if you're waiting for the "day that never comes." Dump him in the BAD pile and lets move on.

5) Nothing is His Fault
Be careful with this one because it usually does not start out with you. Watch how he handles situations that don't go well for him. Does he ever take responsibility for his actions? Is it always his boss's fault, his ex's fault, that guy at the bar's fault? If he never thinks his wrong, in the relationship, that makes YOU wrong. His classic line is "This wouldn't have happened if you..." You don't want to be with someone who constantly makes you the villain and them the victim. Not only is it damn annoying, you will lash out and actually become the villain after a while. Don't sully your good name. On to the next.

6) He's Mean to the Weak and the less fortunate
This one is HUGE. The measure of a man is in how he treats the people he does not have to be nice to. Does he get mad at old ladies for taking too much time? Does he hate children? Does he get inexplicably mad at the waitress? Does he get mad because a homeless man touched his jacket? Not only does he lack respect, he lacks regard for people that cannot do anything for him. he usually lacks empathy as well. These men tend to be prone to fits of rage and unbalanced aggression. NOT a good situation. This means he'll lose regard for you when you are no longer "useful." Now he doesn't have to want kids or volunteer at the nursing home to not be in this category but if he's mean to the "sweet" members of our society. Run...and run fast.

7) He hates everyone that loves you
A good man will never strain your relationship with your loved ones. If your man has made your life a tug of war. If you feel your friends and family slipping away, slip away with them. First, your friends and family probably see something you don't and that is putting him on alarm to pull you away. Second, this is text book controlling and manipulative behavior. After all, you are not going to leave a man when you have nowhere to go right? Don't get yourself in such a hopeless situation. You can tell this man because he usually has a lack of close friends and family himself. He constantly talks with an us against the world philosophy. He's suspicious and your time out of his presence gets to be less and less over time. Family came first, they should stay. A good man will rise to the occasion to gain acceptance from your friends and family. The only ones that won't, have something to hide.

8) There are Other Women
It would seem this is self explanatory but apparently not. If there are known other women in the picture, please don't set yourself up to get your feelings hurt. Now if you are just wanting a good time with a guy, by all means its 2011, do you. But you cannot make a stable relationship with 5 6 or 7 members! If he can't let the other women go, and you're relationship ready...leave and maybe you can rekindle something at a more stable time in both of your lives sans the other members. Staying only makes the situation worse until the inevitable blow up...and after that...a later connection is no longer possible.

These are just some of the really BIG warning signs that the guy may be a bad fit for you. We all are different. We all require different things in a relationship but every women deserves to be treated like a princess. And trust me there is a man out there more than capable to do the job well. You have to know that some things never lead anywhere good. Remember just because he displays some of these characteristics does not mean he is a bad guy in life but he will tend to be in a relationship. You have the right to analyze your partner before jumping into something with them. If they possess qualities you just can't live with, maybe its time for greener pastures. The good men will thank you and you'll thank yourself.

Hope This Helps,

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